An industrial design is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article. The design may consist of three-dimensional features, such as the shape or surface of an article, or two-dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or colour.

Design law in Pakistan is governed under the following law:

  • Design Ordinance, 2000


  • Full name, nationality and complete business address of the applicant.
  • Representations of the design (line drawings/photographs).
  • Power of Authority duly signed by an authorized signatory of the applicant.
  • In the case of the priority application, certified Priority documents can be filed either at the time of filing of the application or can be filed within three months from the date of filing of application with a late fee. If a priority document is other than the English language, English translation of the same along with an affidavit from the translator verified/attested by Notary Public is required for submission in the Patent Office.

We provide the following Designs Services:

  • Design searches
  • Filing new applications
  • Design registrations
  • Legal actions
  • Annuities


Q1: Are designs registerable in your country?


Q2: Should the design application be filed under the form of drawings and/or photographs, the size thereof and the number of views?

Drawings or photographs, each view of size 8 X 8 each placed on an A4.

Q3: What are the novelty requirements for a design application to be valid?

Absolute worldwide novelty is required.

Q4: Can convention priority be claimed in your country? (Convention Countries).


Q5: Does your country use the international classification?


Q6: Is the assignment of the creator compulsory for a design application?


Q7: Is there any deadline to apply for the publication of a secret filing of a model/design?

There are no provisions’ regarding secret filing.

Q8: Are there any special advantages in filing a model or a design in a secret form?

Not applicable.

Q9: Is it possible to file more than one design/model in the same application? If yes, are there any advantages in doing so?

Not possible.

Q10: What is the term of protection of a model or design in your country?

Ten years, and renewed one time for 10 years (20 years in total).

Q11: Is use required to maintain a registration of a model or design in your country?


Q12: does copyright law protect designs/models as well?


Q13: Are there provisions in your law to oppose a model/design registration?


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