Copyright is a legal instrument that provides the creator of a work of art or literature, or a work that conveys information or ideas, the right to control how the work is used. The copyright gives an author of a work an economic incentive to create new works.

Copyright law in Pakistan is governed by the following legislation:

  • Copyright Ordinance 1962 and,
  • Copyright Rules 1967


  • Full name, nationality and full business address of the applicant.
  • Name, business address and complete residential address of the author of the work.
  • The year of creation of the work.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Year from which the work was published/used.
  • Affidavit from the author, if the applicant is a party other than the author and the work has been assigned to the applicant.

We provide the following Copyright Services:

  • New Filings
  • Official Actions
  • Acceptance & Registration
  • Opposition matters
  • Litigation


Q1: What types of items copyright law protects in Pakistan?

The following matters can be protected under the copyright law:

  • Original, literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works;
  • Software, CD, & Cassettes
  • Translation
  • Cinematographic works; and
  • Records

Q2: What is the length of protection of a copyright in your country?

Life of the author + 70 years for inheritors.

Q3: How long does the copyright take to be registered?

No registrations.

Q4: What kind of sanctions does your copyright law provide against infringers?

Imprisonment that may extend 2-4 years and a fine of $35,000- $110,000.

Q5: Are there any limitations of copyright in your jurisdictions?

No provisions.

Q6: Must transfer agreements be recorded?

No registrations.

Q7: Must license agreements to be recorded?

No registrations.

Q8: Are there any consequences of non-recorded agreements?

No registrations.

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